Friday, July 24, 2009

A Very Important Date...

It is not very often that I get so excited about a movie I just can hardly contain my innards from bursting from my body. Don't get me wrong, I love movies as should be evident by this blog that I write, but rarely do I get so psyched out that I want to see that movie that very second. Luckily for me one of the movies that caused such a reaction I was able to enjoy with my lovely wife just a week ago. I highly recommend the newest episode in the Potter saga as it is both fascinating and passionate. I do not wish to dwell here on the musings of JK Rowling, not that I wish to diminish them or belittle them since I believe she rivals in greatness most authors considered masters, but I have discovered something that has once again got my entrails all befuddled.
To some it may be known, and I shall put it here leaving it for all the cyberworld to see, that I have a huge man-crush on Johnny Depp. I have never seen a performance done by the man that I was not enthralled with. From Ed Wood, to J.M. Barrie, to Edward Scissorhands, to Willy Wonka, whose trailer bytheway caused the same fear of spontaneous combustion. The man is fabulous and deserves all the praise that could be piled upon him. There is one more name to add to the even larger list than I have typed here...and that name is The Mad Hatter. Since I caught wind of the new remake of the Lewis Carrol novel and that it was to be reworked by Tim Burton, another fascination of mine, I have been excited to say the least. Those who wish to take a peek should view the trailer only recently released during Comic-Con. Please let me know if you have the same reaction as I did.........(I've already watched it four times bytheway.)

Here is a link of one place you can watch the trailer:

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NateDredge said...

Okay, that looks potentially fun. Though honestly I've grown a little leary of Mr. Depps over-the-top-ness and think Mr. Burtons directorial efforts have been very uneven for the last decade or so.