Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Sandlot

I've watched The Sandlot about 15 times and decided that it needed a rewatching since summer is on the way. Its got great lines and is pretty hilarious and there are few boys that can't say they wish their childhood had looked like this. The story centers around a group of boys that spend their time playing baseball at an old diamond they call The Sandlot. A new boy moves into town who wants to play with them but does not know how. After the initial joking and mocking one of the boys helps the newcomer to be accepted. The new boy's knowledge of baseball is quite limited and when they find themselves without a ball he runs home to his stepdad's trophy room to get the baseball signed by Babe Ruth to play with. Of course he then proceeds to hit a home run over the fence where a ferocious beast of a dog awaits. The rest of the movie shows their attempts at getting the ball back.
The inspirational part comes when Benny, the best player of the boys, has a dream where Babe Ruth comes out of his closet. Babe tells him he should just hop over the fence and get the ball. He also tells him that most people have one moment of greatness but that most don't realize it when is in front of them. This is Benny's moment for greatness.
We should all pay attention for our moment of greatness. We also need to be prepared with the ability to complete the task. We are all meant to succeed,we just have to make it happen. "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

August Rush

I've been anticipating this movie for a long time. I love the work that Freddie Highmore does. The basic plot of the movie is that two musicians have an intimate meeting, that turns out to be a one-nighter thanks to her father. Well, a child is soon born and again her father intervenes and makes her believe the son has died and he places the boy in an orphanage. The boy's name is Evan and he grows up believing that his parents are out there. He feels that he is surrounded by music and that if he can learn to make music, his parents will hear him and come back. With the help of an understanding social worker and others who teach him, he learns to use his musical talent. As usual I will not give away the ending, but the impressive part of this movie is the journey that Evan goes through in his quest to find happiness with the parents he knows are out there for him.
As I watched this movie I could not help but be inspired by someone who has nothing in life, but knows that there is something for him to accomplish that will bring himself and others joy. It seems to me that everyone in the world has a mission to accomplish during their lifetime that will elevate their soul and everyone around them. We get lost in the noise, which if we listen closely is really music pushing toward our goal. Take the time to listen to the music and learn from those around us who are willing to share their experience with us.

"You know what music is? God's little reminder that there's something else besides us in this universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I am Legend and Bob Marley

I did not go into my viewing of this movie expecting to be inspired. I was pleasantly surprised to find a great message. The basic plot of the movie is that a disease has taken over the world and left all but one man, Robert Neville (Will Smith), as mad zombie-like freaks trying to destroy their last shred of humanity. Neville sees it as his duty, as the only one immune to the virus, to try and cure it. At one point he discovers that he is not the only human left and he takes the opportunity to explain the music behind his attempts to cure the disease.

He (Bob Marley) had this idea. It was kind of a virologist idea. He believed that you could cure racism and hate... literally cure it, by injecting music and love into people's lives. When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally, a gunman came to his house and shot him down. Two days later he walked out on that stage and sang. When they asked him why - He said, "The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness."

Amen, brother!

The Star Spangled Banner

Wow, this is the most inspiring rendition of the National Anthem I have heard in a long time. I was amazed and got chills and misty eyes. Enjoy and keep the tissues close.