Saturday, October 18, 2008

If you could do anything...Will Hunting

A few weeks ago I finally sat down to watch the movie "Good Will Hunting" and was quite moved. I must caution anyone who does not like strong language (profanity) to not watch this movie in its original version. If you can watch it on television or find an edited version, I highly recommend it.
The premise of the movie follows Will Hunting as a genius working as a janitor at an Ivy League school. He is discovered when we solves a complicated math problem on a chalkboard in the hall of the school. A brilliant professor at the school tries to befriend him and put him on the path to mathematical godhood. He resists, not willing to leave behind what he feels is his roots as a common no-good orphan. Will begins to see a counselor who helps him to work through some of his problems. Due to his voracious reading habit, those around him realize that he is a genius and can solve almost any problem put before him.
As always I won't give away the exciting details about the plot. This movie raised some interesting questions in my own mind...What would you do if you could do anything? Think about that. If you had the ability to do whatever you desired, would you be where you are now? Would you be in the same career in which you find yourself? What would your life be like? If you can answer that you would be doing exactly what you are doing where you are doing it, Congratulations, you've got it.
If not, why not? What is impeding you? As the eternal optimist, I always argue that everyone can attain their dreams. You can do anything. Don't stop yourself. Allow yourself the desires of your soul.
Ask yourself often to remember. What would you do if you could do anything? Then make it happen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is Beautiful

My wife and I were out at garage sales a few weeks ago and I was excited to find Life is Beautiful on DVD for just one dollar. What a steal!
This movie puts an interesting spin on the events of the Holocaust. The story revolves around a family who is put into concentration camps. The father wishes to keep the pain from his son and so tells him that it is a game, with the winner getting a tank. The entire movie shows the strength of the spirit. With atrocities occurring around them, the family is able to emotionally endure in a sense.
It is stories like this that make me think about how I react to the hardships that occur in my own relatively simple life. Can I be better at looking at the bright side of every situation? Could I better help those around me by being optimistic in every sense? I believe so.