Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a Believer

Few songs have the pure emotional charge that this song by Christina Milian has. Believer received most of it's attention by being a major part of the movie "Be Cool" in which John Travolta helps Christina Milian rise above mediocrity and attain her dream of becoming a famous singer. This song speaks for itself. Listen to the passion in her voice.

I am Sam

One thing that I've noticed about humanity in general is that we tend to complain about anything that we don't see as perfect in our lives. Most of us let that be a debilitating factor in our lives that stops us from attaining the goals we've unconsciously set in our minds.
I was very refreshed to finally watch the movie "I am Sam". The main character is a mentally disabled single father who is fighting to keep custody of his daughter and raise her the best he can. He acknowledges that he doesn't always know what to do and that at times he feels terrified about his inadequacies. Sam is much unlike the rest of the world in that he does not complain. Even with most people telling him he cannot do it, he finds a way to get it done. If he is unable to do something himself, he finds a friend who can help him make up the difference.
Few of us are born with the disadvantage of being unable to progress mentally past a certain point. This incredibly inspirational movie proves that "all you need is love" and you can conquer anything. With whatever disability or disadvantage you may be facing, with the right friends and the will to fight for what is right, anything is possible.