Friday, February 1, 2008

Inspired by the Matrix

I recently watched the third installment of the Matrix Trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, yet another time. I know that most people would say that the Matrix movies are just violent and crazy sci-fi. This movie, however is quite motivating. One of the main characters, The Oracle, states while talking to Neo, the unconventional savior character, that there is no need to make choices, since we have already made them, but to understand why we made that choice. In thinking about the quote I realized the truthfulness of the statement. When we arrive at a certain situation, a crossroads if you will, we have already decided which road we will talk based on our cultural and/or moral programming. A teenager who decides to try drugs already made the decision previously that were the situation to present itself, he/she would give it a chance. If there is a decision you make that you regret the only thing to do is discover why the decision was made and change your "programming" as it were.
Another idea I love in this movie is that each one of us is in charge of our future and has a mission to complete. Other people can only point us in the right direction and help (or hinder) our efforts. Our mission may not be to save the world, but if we do not discover and complete our part then others may have a more difficult time attaining their goals.