Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I would like to see...

I know that there are more people in the world that feel as I do. I know there are people who regularly visit this blog to see what I have written. Please, if you feel the same, or even if you don't, leave comments. If you have suggestions for my list, or even if you just want to agree or disagree with something I've written, please leave a comment.
I'd love to hear from and get to know everyone who visits my blog. Thanks for reading and a pre-emptive thanks for commenting.

I'm Bigger Than My Body...

And Waiting on the World to Change... These are song titles from musician John Mayer and the songs are exceptional. Bigger Than My Body talks about how society has gounded us and clipped our wings, and yet someday we can fly and soar and leave our old self behind. Now, I am a large man for those who don't know me (6'6", almost 2 meters, and about 280 pounds), but many times in my life I have felt like my soul is trying to explode from my body. I know others have felt the same.
Waiting on the World to Change is political in nature, and yet it works for me on all levels. There are many facets of our lives and societies that need to change. Politics is only one of those facets. I believe that mutual respect is another. Communication another. Belief in the potential of humanity another. I am waiting on the world to change. It can change, if we do something about it. It won't change on it's own.
Also, check out the song Gravity, also by John Mayer. It has been featured on the show House M.D..