Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you build it....

I apologize for not having posted for quite a while. My family has been in the process of moving cross country, which does not provide for much blogging time. Part of the process included me and my father in a moving truck for 3 days crossing over some of the most flat and mostly boring terrain that the US has to offer. We crossed Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana on our way to Ohio. Anyone who has done the trip will know that the most abundant landscape is that of green cornfields. I admit that my love for corn in waning after having seen it for 3 days straight. As conversation was not easy in the loud diesel truck I took to thinking about things that I could blog. I'm weird and I know it and am ok with it. Driving across Iowa I thought of a movie that fits perfectly into this blog and also what I am doing now in Ohio trying to complete even more schooling: The Field of Dreams.
Now for those who are not American, this is a baseball movie and so it may not connect on that level. However, the message I believe is universal. The basic plot of the story is that of a man whose father was a baseball player. The man is now a farmer and has extensive cornfields. During his youth he found a love of baseball but never really was able to know his father before he died. This visibly troubles him. One day while working in his fields he hears a voice that tells him, "If you build it, he will come." The man is beside himself and believes he is going crazy or that someone is playing a joke on him. During the course of the movie he comes to terms with hearing the voices, which occurs several times, and figures out what he needs to do to achieve his real dream of being more involved with the game his father was so passionate about. The end is brilliantly emotional.
So what does this have to do with my life and many of yours, I am sure. Well, at times in life, we will hear a voice, or have a feeling, or perhaps have a loved on give us some advice, that really rings true and gives us insight into our burning passions and deepest dreams. Those voices or feelings come to help give us an push in the direction of achieving our dreams. A lot of times we do not understand exactly what those voices are saying, or what they mean, or even where they are pushing us. The important thing for us to remember is to follow the voice or feeling. Most people are doing a job that they are not passionate about, but it was available and the easy option. If we assume that life is to be easy, we are kidding ourselves. Accomplishing what we are meant to do in life is never easy. I, for example, know that I am supposed to be back in grad school to complete a third degree. I'm not sure where exactly it will lead me but I know this is where the voice is leading me and that if I follow, I will be able to have my dreams and help my family to attain theirs.