Friday, February 6, 2009

Minor but important change

Those returning readers will notice that there has been a minor change made to the title and description of my blog. When I first began to post on this blog I wanted to share with everyone the different medium that I found that inspired me, and I hoped would inspire others, to reach my (our) potential. Since then I have returned to school for more education, specifically a Ph.D. in Communication Studies. During the past few months I have started looking at things in a distinct manner. Now when I watch a movie, read a book, or listen to music I am searching for methods, or the rhetoric, that the artists use to portray this idea of the human potential. What does this mean for the future of this blog...not much will change. As I review the books, music or movies that I find, or are recommended to me, I will focus more on how the idea of potential is communicated to the reader/listener/watcher.
As always, I look forward to your comments. I really hope that people will share their thoughts and recommendations with me as that will add volumes to the effectiveness of this work. Thank you all for reading.

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Lee said...

The one overwhelming positive that comes from Hollywood is that humankind has potential to be something far more than what is considered natural. Inside us all, we have an inner yearning to be better, to accomplish more, to achieve things that all others before us have been denied. Humanity mentally tests the plausibility of the avante guarde through art, the most communicative form of which today is cinema. Science Fiction and superhero shows are prime examples. And yet, here I am, writing a comment on a blog, when I should be studying for a test which will help me to actually acheive my deepest desires of education and progression. So get up, fellow humans, and be what you must today, for tommorrow, the dawn will arise on a changed world which will find YOU prepared to meet and break every challenge it throws your way. It is your time to be a superhero.